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Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C.: Massachusetts General Law Chapter 138 § 25E provides that any manufacturer of alcoholic beverages that makes regular sales of its branded products to a wholesaler for a period of six months or longer has entered into a binding agreement with that wholesaler for that particular brand that can only be terminated by the Continue Reading...

ABCC Releases Its Decision Against Craft Brewer’s Guild in Pay-to-Play Controversy

The ABCC just released its decision against Craft Brewer’s Guild in the Pay-to-Play Controversy, click here to read the full decision....

Tap Room Issues for Breweries

Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C.: Applicants for brewery licenses and existing breweries in Massachusetts have come to see so-called “tap rooms” as a valuable source of potential or actual income for their business, and a great way to promote the brewery and the brand. However, both applicants and existing breweries should be aware of the licensing structure that Continue Reading...

New Bill Proposal May Make It Easier for Restaurants and Liquor Stores to Accept Out-of-State ID’s

Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C. Currently in Massachusetts, restaurants and liquor stores are losing out on potential sales from tourists and other out-of-state visitors as a result of the stringent restrictions for accepting out-of-state licenses to prove a potential customer is twenty-one years or older. Pursuant to Section 34B of Chapter 138, a licensed retailer may only “reasonably Continue Reading...

New FDA Regulations Could Cost Breweries

Law Offices of John Connell, P.C.: New U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations will soon require chain restaurants with 20 or more locations to display the nutritional information on their menus (or make such information available upon request by the customer) by December 1, 2016, including nutritional information for alcoholic beverages sold by these “national chains.” Such required information Continue Reading...
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