Civil Litigation

The Firm regularly represents clients in the federal and state courts of Massachusetts, as well as in a host of arbitration forums and before a number of regulatory boards.


Corporate Fraud and Mismanagement: 

 The Firm represents shareholders, partners and business managers involved in claimed fraud, mismanagement or breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits.  Such claims are sometimes asserted through shareholder derivative suits but are often times simply lawsuits asserted directly by parties claiming others in their business have cheated them or taken advantage of a business situation to their detriment.  Such claims are often intense, personal and involve significant financial analysis, all of which the Firm has excelled at over the years when called to assist those who need their business or business investments protected from those they have gone into business with.


Professional Misconduct

The Firm represents lawyers in legal malpractice lawsuits and claims against them for professional misconduct before the Massachusetts Supreme Court’s Board of Bar Overseers.  The Firm has also represented the clients of attorneys who have been victimized through such malfeasance as alleged conversion of funds, dishonesty and the intentional subversion of their client’s interests.

The Firm similarly represents both the beneficiaries of trusts and the professional trustees retained to look after their interests in claimed instances of financial mismanagement and breach of fiduciary duty.  The Firm also regularly handles lawsuits claiming mismanagement or fraud on behalf of, or against, real estate brokers, building managers, condominium associations, accountants, book keepers, executors, business brokers and a host of other individuals or businesses who occupy positions of trust and fidelity to their clients.



The Firm represents investors, brokers and branch office managers in the securities industry in matters relating to claimed financial mismanagement, fraud and market manipulation.  The Firm not only handles arbitration claims asserted through the arbitration forums of the New York Stock Exchange and National Association of Securities Dealers, but has also represented such individuals through sensitive investigations conducted by the United States Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Securities Division of the Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth.  The Firm also represents individuals in lawsuits against some of the largest banks located in Massachusetts for their alleged failure to comply with their obligations under the Uniform Commercial Code, such as honoring forged checks and the failure to detect fraud in a customer’s account.



The Firm regularly represents both employees and employers on employment discrimination claims, such as lawsuits claiming sexual harassment or discrimination based upon race, gender, disability and age.  The Firm has tried such cases before juries in the state courts of Massachusetts as well as the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, and has received successful verdicts for both employees and employers.  In addition, the Firm has represented employees and employers for claimed wages and commissions before the state courts, the Fair Labor And Business Practices Division of the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General.



The Firm regularly represents both construction companies and their customers in contract disputes and disputes over the quality of work performed.  The litigation practice in this area, which involves both resident and commercial projects, has required over the years a keen understanding of the interplay of contract law and the mechanics lien statute.  While construction disputes, big or small, require effective representation in court, they are most often resolved within the context of mediation or arbitration, where an intensely familiar acquaintance with the issues in dispute is required.  The Firm, with its familiarity with building issues and knowledge of the law, strives in such settings.


Real Estate:

The Firm regularly represents its business clients in disputes over real estate and property leasehold rights.  On behalf of both commercial landlords and tenants, the Firm has both litigated and tried significant lawsuits having to do with such issues as breach of lease and constructive eviction.  Other lawsuits involving fraudulent conveyance, breach of purchase and sales agreements and fraud in the sale of real estate have rendered successful verdicts or other results for clients of the Firm.


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