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Restaurants Caught Purchasing Alcohol From Liquor Stores Suffer High Sanctions

Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C.: Is a 30-day liquor license suspension too harsh for restaurant owners? In a recent ABCC decision captioned In Re: Demosthenes Greek-American Democratic Club of Ma, the Alcoholic Beverages Control Committee (ABCC) found this establishment in violation of 204 CMR 2.05 (2), permitting illegality on the premises; that being a restaurant’s purchase of alcoholic Continue Reading...

Alternating Proprietorships: What are they?

Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C.: Ordinarily, a brewery that produces beer under its own name and at its own licensed facility. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”), however, recognizes two distinct forms of brewing operations in which more than one entity is involved: contract brewing, and an alternating proprietorship. The more familiar of the two, Continue Reading...

The History Of Price Discrimination And Anti-Inducement Laws In The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts – Are They Still Relevant?

Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C.: It appears the Craft Beer Guild has received a notice from the ABCC for potentially violating G.L. c. 138, Section 25A, the law that prohibits “price discrimination” in the sale to retailers of the same brands of alcoholic beverages, and 204 CMR 2.08, the regulation that prohibits wholesalers from “inducing” retailers to buy Continue Reading...


Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C.: For decades, going to a restaurant that has a liquor license has been largely a stagnant experience in the sense that a patron usually dines either in a defined dining room area or in the bar area of that restaurant. Modern restaurant designs have blended the bar and dining areas, and some designs have Continue Reading...

The New Direct Shipping License: Pros And Cons

Law Offices of John P. Connell, P.C.: In July 2014, the Massachusetts legislature amended M.G.L. c. 138, § 19F in its entirety, and created a new type of license known as a “Direct Wine Shipper License,” that authorizes wineries holding such a license to sell and ship up to 12 cases of their wine a year per consumer directly to Continue Reading...
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