US Appeals Court Finds Trademark Infringement Against Jose Cuervo

On May 9, 2012, the US Appeals Court for the Sixth Circuit upheld a District Court’s injunction and determination that the distinctive dripping red wax that adorns bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon (some 800,000 cases a year are sold) is so distinctive that Jose Cuervo’s use of red dripping wax on its Tequila was a trademark violation.  Important in the Continue Reading...

Governor Patrick Signs Bill Authorizing New Restricted Liquor licenses To Be Issues And Used At Logan Airport, Freeing-Up Thirteen Un-Restricted All Alcohol license

            On May 3, 2012, Governor Deval Patrick signed House Bill 99 into law and thereby formally authorized the Boston Licensing Board to issue new “restricted airport licenses” to the restaurants, bars and airline clubs that sell all alcoholic beverages within the passenger terminals at Logan Airport.  These new “restricted airport licenses” cannot be transferred, as Continue Reading...


Another Restaurant Seeking To Acquire Its Liquor License from the State Legislature, this Time in Danvers Under Massachusetts law, each municipality is limited in the number of liquor licenses it is authorized to issue based upon the population of the given town or city.  In Danvers, all the available liquor licenses have been issued.  Accordingly, in order to open a Continue Reading...
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